Lesson 3: Statics. Negative Feedback.

Today was the day of negative feedback. Negative feedback can be one of two types: constructive and destructive.

The first one is the criticism by clever people. This kind of negative feedback makes you better. Thanks to such feedback I finally realized that I move too fast, that children don't even try to solve anything themselves. And I took note of this. For the next lesson I chose less problems, and I didn't solve any of them on the blackboard myself.

But the other kind of unpleasant feedback is disrespect and impoliteness of a student who doesn't like your subject or/and who is impudent and bad-mannered. It's a stress, it sucks out all your power, it makes you feel empty. Also it makes you dream about a match of L4D2: dismembering zombies is a good way to let off some steam... Wait, is it ok?

So now, right after the lesson, I'm sitting at a cafe, writing this, and have no energy to get up and go to work. Seems like that girl is striving for my death :(

— written on August 9, 2011

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